Parma Violets
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Parma Violets
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Parma Violets are a childhood favourite and are available in a range of sweet jars, buckets and hampers from Bah Humbugs, a Yorkshire traditional sweet shop based in Masham. You can also buy through their sweet shop online.

Parma Violets by Swizzels Matlow have been around for many years and taste similar to the Swizzels Fizzers, yet with a strong yet delightful perfumed taste. First launched in the 1930’s, Parma Violets are a bit like marmite, you either love or hate them! In 2003 Swizzels Matlow were considering changing the recipe so they would appeal to more people, but after a huge public outcry they decided to stick with the original recipe and they are still around today – phew!

Available to order as Mini or Giant Parma Violets from Bah Humbugs, these sweets will take you on a trip down memory lane. There was once a rumour going round that Parma Violets were used to take away the smell of ‘beer breath’, whether this is true or not, it’s something to try for yourself! If you are visiting the Masham sweet shop, you could always visit the home of Black Sheep Brewery and Theakston Brewery to test the theory!

As well as the famous Parma Violets, Swizzels Matlow have manufactured many retro sweets including Drumstick Lollies, Refreshers and Love hearts, which are all available on the best online sweet shop – Bah Humbugs of course!

If one or two packets of these perfumed discs aren’t enough for you, Bah Humbugs offer large sweet jars and sweet buckets full of these tasty treats. If you are hosting a childrens party, the Parma Violets are part of sweet party bags, keeping both the kids and big kids happy!

To view the full collection of Parma Violets offered by Bah Humbugs, please visit They offer an extensive range of retro sweets including Anglo Bubbly, Drumsticks, Double Lollies so you can be rest assured you’ll find something you love on their site.

Bah Humbugs has been established since 2004, and sells an extensive range of retro sweets including Sherbet Fountains, Love Hearts and Finger of Fudge based in the quaint town of Masham. So whether you are looking for a gift for family or friends, or just fancy some delicious treats for yourself, you can be guaranteed to find something at Bah Humbugs.